Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Apparently some big screen remakes of old TV shows can actually work. In a rather larger surprise, 21 Jump Street not only did well at the box office this weekend taking in $35 million, but it also fared well with the critics. Who knew?  With a budget of $42 million, which seems a bit high… read more

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That thud you heard this weekend was John Carter slamming into The Lorax and falling to the ground. Slipping a respectable 44.1%, The Lorax held on to the number one spot for a second weekend with $39.1 million.  That brings its domestic total to $121.95 million off of a $70 million budget. The big news… read more

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Apparently the movie going audience was ready for a new animated feature about the environment. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opened to a huge $70.7 million, making it the sixth best ever opening for an animated feature, and the second best for a non-sequel behind only The Simpsons.  Seeing as the budget was $70 million, it’s… read more

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It seems the Navy SEALs take everything by storm, including the box office. Act of Valor, a modern warfare shoot them-up starring real Navy SEAL team members, debuted in the top spot this weekend with a healthy $24.7 million. I am sure you will be surprised to learn the movie skewed heavily to a male… read more

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Last week’s number two film took the top spot this week while a sequel crashed on arrival. Safe House came in second place last week, but took the number one spot this week with an estimated $24 million, dropping 40.3% from its first outing. It’s currently trailing other Denzel Washington outings, but not by much.… read more

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The box office was dominated by new releases this weekend, indicating that the public was ready for some fresh blood. Taking the top spot this weekend was the female-friendly The Vow taked in a very healthy $41.7 million over the three days.  The movie deals with a wife slipping into coma after a car accident… read more

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