Green Arrow

DC Comics has announced that an iconic character will soon be coming out as gay. Co-publisher Dan DiDio of DC Comics was speaking at the Kapow Comic Convention in London on Sunday according to Bleeding Cool where he revealed that a character would be coming out as gay.  There has been soem debate if it is a… read more

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In a not so surprising move, The CW announced today that it is taking Arrow to series. It was announced back in January that The CW was ordering up a pilot entitled Arrow which would be based on the Green Arrow from DC Comics.  Not too long after that a casting sheet leaked out that… read more

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Leave it to The CW to screw up a show before they even film it. The TV Addict got ahold of the casting breakdowns for the upcoming Arrow series which will be based on the DC Comics character of Green Arrow.  From these listings its pretty obvious that just like the network did with Smallville… read more

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The CW has placed orders for three new pilots for the Fall 2012 season, and not a one of them has a spark of originality to them. Deadline is reporting that The CW has placed some pilot orders that are a bit surprising.  First up is Arrow, a new take on DC Comics classic Green… read more

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It seems that The CW can’t give up on the concept of some TV series based on a DC Comics series. With the end of Smallville, DC has been fishing around for another TV series they could launched based on a comic series with reports of series being possible developed on The Spectre, Blue Beetle,… read more

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