Argo movie posterThe approach of Hurricane Sandy could definitely be felt at the box office this weekend as the East coast of the United States turned its attention to boarding up windows as opposed to buying overpriced popcorn.

In its third week of release, Argo finally scored the top spot, but with a very soft $12.3 million. Not to say that isn’t great for a third week, but it’s the second lowest amount for a number one this year. Its domestic total not stands as $60.7 million off of a $44.5 million budget.

Hotel Transylvania doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon as it brought in in another $9.5 million in its fifth week, and actually saw its theater count climb for the weekend prior to Halloween. The kid friendly monster movie has now brought in $130.4 million in the U.S.

Third place saw the first new entry of the week with Tom Hanks’ new Cloud Atlas. The movie has not done well with critics, audience reaction has been soft and the ad campaign was downright confusing. All of this resulted in a $9.4 million opening for a $100 million budget film. Not good.

Paranormal Activity 4 slipped from first to fourth to bring in another $8.6 million, bringing its domestic total to $42.6 million off of a $5 million budget. Don’t be surprised at all to see a fifth installment coming in the future.

Rounding out the top five there was a tie with Taken 2 taking another $8 million. Considering how the critics ravaged this movie, a $117.3 million result thus far off of a $45 million budget is nothing to sneeze at. Sharing the spot was Silent Hill: Revelation, but this is sure to shake out when the actuals come out.

Other new releases saw Fun Size open in number 10 spot with $4 million, and Chasing Mavericks was in 12th with $2.2 million.

Next week’s big releases are Flight, The Man with the Iron Fists and Disney’s newest, Wreck-It Ralph.


Paranormal Activity 4 movie posterThe Paranormal Activity series took a pretty big hit with its fourth installment from the third, but it still took the top spot for the weekend.

Parnormal Activity 4 took in $30.2 million this weekend, which is still pretty good considering it had a $5 million budget, but compared to the $52 million Paranormal Activity 3 took in its opening weekend, it isn’t good. I still wouldn’t be surprised if there is a fifth one around the corner.

Coming in second was Argo, which took in $16.6 million this weekend which is only a 14.6 percent decline from its opening weekend. As I’ve said before, any decline under 50 percent for the second weekend is considered a success, so this is wildly under and means the film should have some legs.

Hotel Transylvania is continuing to hold on and brought in another $13.5 million this weekend to bring its domestic total to $119 million.

Falling to fourth place is Taken 2 in its third weekend with an additional $13.4 million which brings it up to $105.9 million domestic off of a $45 million budget. It’s doing even better overseas with $174 million, so don’t be too surprised when Taken 3 is announced.

Rounding out the top 5 is Alex Cross with Tyler Perry which opened very weak with only $11.75 million. However, seeing as a sequel is already in the words – Double Cross – don’t be too surprised if Summit finds a way to make this work.

Next week looks to be a big one with the releases of Cloud Atlas, Chasing Mavericks, Fun Size and Silent Hill:Revelation.

Dredd 3D brought in $104,000. At least it’s still bringing in something.


Taken 2 movie posterDespite scathing reviews, people still want to see Taken 2.

Although it took a hit of 54.6 percent from its opening weekend, Taken 2 still came out on top this weekend with $22.5 million. It’s already grossed $86.7 million domestic off of a $45 million budget, so don’t be surprised if there is a talk of a third outing in this series.

The new true-life story of a rescue during the Iranian hostage crisis, Argo, came in second with $20.1 million. With excellent reviews, and a ton of good word-of-mouth, this one should have some definite staying power.

Sinister is the latest low budget horror film – a mere $3 million – to tear up the box office. Despite opening in third place, it brought in $18.25 million this weekend. People do seem to love their low budget horror.

Fourth place went to Hotel Transylvania which is doing better than most people expected. It brought in another $17.3 million to bring its domestic total to $102.1 million.

Here Comes the Boom, the latest abomination to star the wholly unfunny Kevin James, landed in fifth place with $12 million. Perhaps people are finally catching on that he just isn’t funny?

Next weekend sees Tyler Perry as Alex Cross and Paranormal Activity 4 scares up some dollars.

Dredd 3D brought in $123,000. Feel free to mock me in the comments.


Taken 2 movie posterLiam Neeson won the weekend with Taken 2 despite critics blasting it as being a terrible follow-up to the surprise hit.

Neeson’s second go-around as a man with “a particular set of talents” took in $50 million to easily win the weekend. It’s hovering around 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but with a B+ CinemaScore – which indicates it should get good word-of-mouth – it probably will have a decent second weekend.

Hotel Transylvania had an excellent second weekend, dropping only 38.1 percent from its opening to bring in another $26.3 million. This brings its tally up to $76 million dollars domestic off of an $85 million dollar budget.

Coming in third was Pitch Perfect which went into wide release with $14.7 million. With $21.6 million in the bank of a $17 million dollar budget, it’s in good shape.

Looper fell 41.4 percent to fourth place with $12.2 million. Word of mouth has been good on this time travel flick, so not too surprised it held on well.

Rounding out the top five was newcomer Frankenweenie from Tim Burton. Burton hasn’t quite had his magical touch this year as evidenced by the performance of Dark Shadows, and his turn as producer on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This result isn’t going to help his defenders.

Next weekend’s big releases are the Ben Affleck directed Argo, Sinister and Here Comes the Boom.

Dredd 3D? As much as it pains me to say it, it lost 1,726 screens already and landed in 16th place with $625,000. That brings its domestic total to $12.6 million.


Hotel Transylvania movie posterAfter five weeks of slow box office, things are finally looking up thanks to Sony taking the top two spots.

Hotel Transylvania had the biggest September opening ever, beating out the one set by Sweet Home Alabama back in 2002. The new animated festure was the biggest release yet for the animation arm of the studio and brought in $43 million off of a reported $85 million dollar budget.

Sony also secured the second spot this week with its new sci-fi action thriller Looper which came in with $21.2 million off of a $30 million budget. The film is also reportedly bringing in $23 million in China this weekend, marking the first time a film has opened larger in the growing film market that in the U.S. Considering the budget, this sounds like it’s going to do extremely well.

End of Watch had an excellent second weekend, dropping only 39.2 percent from its opening weekend. Anything under a 50 percent drop is considered a success, so it did well.

Fourth place went to Trouble with the Curve which saw a drop of 38.1 percent drop.

House at the End of the Street landed in fifth with a slowdown of 41.8 percent, so every film seems to have enjoyed some extra bumps from the business. Maybe everyone just wanted to get out of the house?

Next weekend sees the release of Frankenweenie, Taken 2 and Pitch Perfect.

Oh, Dredd 3d? 11th place with $2.28 million. I might as well give up my hopes of a sequel now.


House at the End of the Street movie posterWith a 28 percent decline in the take at the box office from the same weekend last year, no one is going to be crowing about the last three days.

As it stands right now, House at the End of the Street and End of Watch are both claiming to have taken $13 million this weekend, so the real number one won’t be known until later in the day until the actuals are reported. Suffice it to say, this is a fight of mediocre returns, however. End did about average for cop movies, but House actually came in a little bit ahead of the norm. Considering the budgets – $7 million for End and $10 million for House – both studios are still looking at profits in the not too distant future.

The new Clint Eastwood vehicle, Trouble with the Curve, came in with $12.7 million, although some are saying its up there in the tie for first place. Either way, that is way off the mark for baseball movies as of late.

Finding Nemo 3D dropped 43.4 percent to land in fourth place with $9.4 million. It is definitely looking like 3D re-releases aren’t going to do as well as some thought.

Fifth place went to Resident Evil: Retribution with another $6.7 million, but it’s still not doing that will with only $33.4 million domestic so far off of a $65 million budget.

While I normally don’t come out of the top five, for all of the coverage I’ve given Dredd 3Dincluding reviewing it – I’ll sadly report it landed in sixth with $6.3 million. The producers already said it needed to hit $50 million in the U.S. to even consider a sequel, and that looks out of the question now.

Next week’s big releases are Hotel Transylvania, Looper and Won’t Back Down. With the way things have been going as of late at the box office, I wouldn’t expect to see any of these to be break out hits.


In one of those unusual circumstances, Hotel Transylvania is one of those movies I haven’t heard a word about until the trailer suddenly appeared.

Sony is definitely not one of the first names in animated films, but considering how most of these productions do at the box office, it isn’t too surprising that more of them are in the pipeline.  Adam Sandler is not someone I can usually stand in movies, but his voice doesn’t dripe me up the wall for once in this footage.  Although, adding in Andy Sandberg into the mix after the disaster that is That’s My Boy may not be the wisest of ideas, but perhaps kids won’t know the difference.

Selena Gomez also stars as Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, and the insufferable Kevin James pops up as Frankenstein.  Despite the cast being filled with people not high on my list of people I care for, I have to say the trailer is cute.  Will I see it in the theater?  Nope, but I’d definitely check it out on cable.