As I’ve been telling all of you for the past few weeks, I am finally making the change from being primarily a Windows user to a Mac user. While the process has been fairly painless, there has been a hiccup here or there, and this week I hit a doozy. On Monday the 4th, I… read more

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I’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard about Apple’s Magic Trackpad, I mocked it. I don’t remember where I mocked it, but I made fun of the concept somewhere. Last Sept. I went to Philadelphia on vacation, and with some time to kill one morning, I swung by the Apple Store… read more

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In a move that is sure to polarize people I know, I am switching my main computer to an iMac. Last Aug. I talked about getting an iMac, my first computer I’ve ever owned from Apple.  My intention was that this particular desktop would stay in my house for use, and that is where it… read more

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Working in the world of tech blogging, I have to write about pretty much all of the companies out there, but I have discovered that any time I say anything positive about Apple, I am immediately labeled an “Apple fanboy”, and anything I have to say is dismissed out of hand. Huh … funny I’m… read more

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Yes, that disturbance you felt in the force was true … I bought a Mac.  A 27-inch iMac to be precise. This is something I have wanted to do for years, but I never really had a “need” for such a system, it was always just a “want”.  With the amount of media I’m producing… read more

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I got an email today from Dell about their new small business line, Vostro. Not quite sure what the name has to do with anything, but I don’t rightly care. The whole point of the new line is to be geared to the small business, and in doing so, they have made two very tasty… read more

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