Independence Day: Resurgence

An onslaught of new releases this weekend couldn’t take down one little fish. Finding Dory won a third weekend taking in $41.9M and a new domestic total of $372.25M and globally sits at $538.25M. Despite a weak start, The Legend of Tarzan did end up in second place this weekend with $38.13M. Globally it sits at $56.93M,… read more

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Even an alien invasion force couldn’t take down one little fish this weekend. Finding Dory had a strong second weekend slipping just 45.8 percent to take in $73.23M and a new domestic total of $286.55M and globally sits at $396.85M. Audiences weren’t all that ready for Independence Day: Resurgence it seems. The film opened to… read more

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Disney is close to being unstoppable this year it seems. Finding Dory opened to the biggest release ever for an animated film taking in $136.18M. It seems people were ready to head back under the ocean with the forgetful fish. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart had a good opening for their new comedy Central Intelligence… read more

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Independence Day: Resurgence is almost upon us… and does anyone even care? You have to give the original Indepence Day some props for the fact it pretty much launched the idea of the summer tentpole films. While there had always been summer blockbusters, the original ID4 changed the game a bit. Although, do note I’m… read more


2016 is just firing up the box office for the year, but it looks like this will be a year of a lot of soul searching for the studios. As I did my breakdowns for this year I noticed a lot of shifts in themes. It seems that 2016 is going to be a year… read more

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Welcome to the first of four parts of an analysis of every major film release of 2016. Following up on last year’s project, I’m back with a look at the films of 2016. And as usual, I will be breaking it down by quarters and then an overall review. Tuesday- 1st Quarter (January, February, March)… read more

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