Unless you live under a rock, you know that Apple introduced a new version of the iPad today. The big question, however, is what the heck it’s name is. When Apple unveiled its third generation iPad today they merely called it “the new iPad.”  That’s it.  No numbers, no extra “HD”, nothing else, just plain… read more

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Working in the world of tech blogging, I have to write about pretty much all of the companies out there, but I have discovered that any time I say anything positive about Apple, I am immediately labeled an “Apple fanboy”, and anything I have to say is dismissed out of hand. Huh … funny I’m… read more

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Apparently if you are unhappy with the new AT&T data plans, then you just need to keep those thoughts to yourself.  Complaints will not be tolerated. In this day and age of hyper-connectivity, it is not unusual for customers to e-mail CEOs of companies directly with questions and complaints.  Very few of them respond, although… read more

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Last week I said I would be doing something this week that would make heads explode. Well, the fact that I am typing this on an iPad would be what will make at least a few heads explode I’m sure. I honestly thought I would not get an iPad this year, I just wasn’t happy… read more

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One of the biggest prospects people have mentioned as a good use for a device like the new Apple iPad has been the potential of comic books. Marvel Comics wasted no time with getting its application out there, and while it has potential, there are still some issues. The application is also available for the… read more

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At last the Apple Tablet rumors can die, but was it worth the long wait? Steve Jobs finally lifted the veil of secrecy around the Apple Tablet today and revealed it as a device named the iPad. The unfortunate name choice aside, is it going to be worth the purchase? The answer to that depends… read more

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