iPhone 3G

All I have to say is, “It’s about ******’ time!” Word has been circulating all day today that not only will Apple be unveiling the long-rumored Apple Tablet on Wednesday as its press event, but that it may also finally be announcing that the iPhone will be available on multiple carriers, breaking the exclusivity with… read more

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Scattercast is 47… and it doesn’t want to hear your sassin’! – The iPhone 3G S is coming out this month… let the whining of the owners of iPhone 3G units commence! – StumbleUpon is REALLY freaking me out this week. – Some brief talk about about cartoons. – It looks like all systems are… read more

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When I first talked about the iPhone 3G, I mentioned as long as the phone was exclusive to AT&T, I wouldn’t be getting the device for myself.  Well, it seems things could be far, far worse… I could have to deal with Rogers in Canada. It seems that Rogers of Canada went so overboard with… read more

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First things first… it comes out July 11th, so all of you calm down. Now, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s all about the new iPhone… iPhone 3G. If anything was missing from the original iPhone release, it was 3G support as opposed to EDGE technology. The simplest way to explain… read more

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