iPod Touch

It’s that magical time of year again when Apple is set to unveil its new iPods and make all of us cry a little over the ones we already own. For the past several years Apple has held an event in Sept. to announce the new line-up of iPods.  It is pure coincidence this happens just shortly… read more

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One of the biggest prospects people have mentioned as a good use for a device like the new Apple iPad has been the potential of comic books. Marvel Comics wasted no time with getting its application out there, and while it has potential, there are still some issues. The application is also available for the… read more

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For a company that gets so many thing right, Apple sure doesn’t seem to know what to do with the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was introduced in September 2007 as an alternative to the iPhone for those that wanted the bonus features of the phone.  It was a great idea, people who avoided the… read more

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Normally I go all crazy for the new iPods, but this year… this year they have left me totally cold. I’m not tempted to buy a one of them. I already wrote New iPods For 2008 over at StarterTech, but I figured I can always talk more bluntly about them here. iPod Shuffle While nothing… read more

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Who are these analysts, and how do I get their sweet job? Craig Berger at FBR Research has issued a report that he expects an iPod line refresh in the near future, especially on the iPod Classic and on the iPod Touch.  This is something akin to saying, “the sun will rise in the east… read more

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Well, I just had my first encounter with Apple customer support, and I have to say I’m impressed. After my hard drive failure a few weeks back, I had to put my iPod Touch apps back on the system, which I had luckily backed up.  Well, last night I had some issues with the Touch,… read more

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