Working in the world of tech blogging, I have to write about pretty much all of the companies out there, but I have discovered that any time I say anything positive about Apple, I am immediately labeled an “Apple fanboy”, and anything I have to say is dismissed out of hand. Huh … funny I’m… read more

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It’s that magical time of year again when Apple is set to unveil its new iPods and make all of us cry a little over the ones we already own. For the past several years Apple has held an event in Sept. to announce the new line-up of iPods.  It is pure coincidence this happens just shortly… read more

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Someday I may get excited about the Amazon Kindle, but it still hasn’t happened yet. Over at StarterTech I wrote up about how the Amazon Kindle 2 Got Official on Monday, but I tried to keep my general personal opinions out of that article.  In general I just don’t get the excitement over the device,… read more

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Normally I go all crazy for the new iPods, but this year… this year they have left me totally cold. I’m not tempted to buy a one of them. I already wrote New iPods For 2008 over at StarterTech, but I figured I can always talk more bluntly about them here. iPod Shuffle While nothing… read more

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Edgar Bronfman, Jr is back. For those unfamiliar with Edgar Bronfman, he is the CEO of Warner Music Group.  Good old Edgar and I have a long history of his amazing comments in that I have written about him numerous times,and I’ll link those as we go. This time around, the story comes from the… read more

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The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is at it again. I know… you’re all shocked. The RIAA, the goverening body that is charged with the protection of musical copyrights, is again going so far in their efforts to protect music, that they seem to be doing more harm than good.  The latest confirmed casualty… read more

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Apple is all over the blogosphere again, and again it is for the craziness of Apple fans more than the company themselves. It seems that on Friday, July 4th people were spotted lining up outside the Apple flagship store on 5th avenue in New York City.  Why were they lining up?  Because they wanted to… read more

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Who are these analysts, and how do I get their sweet job? Craig Berger at FBR Research has issued a report that he expects an iPod line refresh in the near future, especially on the iPod Classic and on the iPod Touch.  This is something akin to saying, “the sun will rise in the east… read more

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Yes, I now own yet another iPod, an iPod Touch to be exact.  And, yes, this is the same device that I said I didn’t understand who this was built for back in October of last year. What changed?  A couple of things. – My work at Mashable has me writing more and more about… read more

Yes, I am currently in possession of an iPod Touch, but no one freak, it’s not mine, it’s my mom’s. I did not buy a Classic and then turn around and buy yet another iPod… I swear. All that being said, my mother is currently out of town, so I’m playing with it so I… read more


My 6th gen, 160GB iPod got here on Monday! Now comes the question: How long does it take to load 119.41GB of music on an iPod? (thanks to my friend, “M”, for the image suggestion of the Tootsie Roll owl vs my new iPod) Before we get down to the load time, let’s do a… read more

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I know you would think that my 100 item list would have covered everything, but then you would be wrong. 1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself. 2. Tag seven people to do the same. (which I’m not going to do) 1. Anytime I change the time on my alarm clock, I have to say “alarm,… read more

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