It’s that magical time of year again when Apple is set to unveil its new iPods and make all of us cry a little over the ones we already own. For the past several years Apple has held an event in Sept. to announce the new line-up of iPods.  It is pure coincidence this happens just shortly… read more

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For a company that gets so many thing right, Apple sure doesn’t seem to know what to do with the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was introduced in September 2007 as an alternative to the iPhone for those that wanted the bonus features of the phone.  It was a great idea, people who avoided the… read more

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It’s episode 9… and a return of me coughing about halfway through I’m afraid. Besides the voice issues, this week is about the following: – When is Microsoft just going to admit they messed up with Vista as opposed to just throwing money at people to convince them to accept it? – A very short… read more

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Normally I go all crazy for the new iPods, but this year… this year they have left me totally cold. I’m not tempted to buy a one of them. I already wrote New iPods For 2008 over at StarterTech, but I figured I can always talk more bluntly about them here. iPod Shuffle While nothing… read more

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The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is at it again. I know… you’re all shocked. The RIAA, the goverening body that is charged with the protection of musical copyrights, is again going so far in their efforts to protect music, that they seem to be doing more harm than good.  The latest confirmed casualty… read more

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Welcome back for the fifth episode of Scattercast! A little bit of everything this week, folks! The United States is falling behind in Internet speeds still, and it angers me. Some more rambling about the summer Olympics and the last segment deals with my thoughts on this year’s upcoming iPods. A true Scattercast! For those… read more

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Well… there wasn’t as much goodness as one had hoped for.  The iMacs got a major retooling, iLife has some spiffy new features, and iWork FINALLY got a spreadsheet portion called Numbers. Not one word about new iPods… the bastard.  You can read my full coverage over at I think this was the clearest… read more

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Well, I can’t copy exactly what I said, but check out this entry and this entry on for all the details. Rumors are abounding, but Apple has announced one of their big press events for August 7th. This always means new products, but it seems it will be Mac centric and this means the… read more

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In the same speech where Steve bestowed iPhone love on all the employees, it seems he also mentioned this little ditty: He then expanded upon OS X, and what it means for the business. There is one OS group that does Mac OS X for the Mac and the iPhone, as well as “some iPods… read more

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Rumor is a new Zune will be introduced on Monday. Wonderful, another crappy iteration of a sub-par player. So… where are the new iPods? The last major line update was September 12th of last year, and that was just a size bump to the main players, the new Shuffles, and color changes to the Nanos.… read more

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Reading Engadget today led me to this article. The British Home Secretary, John Reid, wants to approach Apple and Sony to join a summit to help fight crime in England. It seems a lot of gadgets are getting stolen, so, of course, the solution is to make them more technologically complicated, raising risk of more… read more

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Gizmo News is reporting on comments made by Brad Smith, senior vice president and general counsel of Microsoft, said about Apple’s recent comments about DRM. They are mind-numbingly bitter it would seem over Apple swinging the DRM deal with EMI records. I’m not a big believer in just blaming the music industry for Apple’s inability… read more

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