May 22 2007

24 Season 6

The disaster known as season 6 of 24 is finally behind us. I won’t spoil it for those of you who have not yet seen it, just know the last two hours were as craptacular as the other twenty-two. There was one brief, shining moment though… for the entire last hour, my boyfriend, the SOD… read more


Two hours of 24 tonight and STILL no Satchel of Doom!  Are they trying to torture us now?  They know we want it, but yet, they don’t give it to us.  GIVE US THE SOD!  Jack Bauer needs the SOD like Superman needs his cape!… read more

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Alas, hour 6 of Day 6 has come to a close…Jack killed a guy…he did a little torturing…life is good…but where is his best friend? His trusty sidekick? The one partner to never let him down, betray him, or be proven to be a mole inside of CTU…where is the Satchel Of Doom? 25% of… read more