John Carpenter

I guess at this point we just have to wait until 2018 to find out exactly what is in and what’s out. Speaking with CBS Sunday Morning, John Carpenter has said, yet again, that the new Halloween movie “is pretending the other sequels didn’t happen.” That’s great, I’m fine with ignoring Halloween III forward, but… read more


After a long absence, John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise. Following the original two Halloween films John Carpenter left the series and it went way off the rails. Even if you discount Halloween III: Season of the Witch (as Michael Myers didn’t appear in it), the series turned into a garbled mess. Even… read more


In another entry from the files of “Movie Remakes That Don’t Need To Happen”, it looks like Escape From New York is the next film to get the treatment. New Line Cinema is moving ahead with its remake of the 1981 cult classic Escape From New York according to New York Magazine.  The original John… read more

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