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The first teaser trailer for The Lone Ranger has arrived, and I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it. As projects go, this one has been an odd one. After a lengthy delay over budget issues, the movie finally got on track, but still no one was sure about the choice of Johnny… read more

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If there is one thing you can say about Johnny Depp, it is that he certainly does his research. When the first image for The Lone Ranger movie came out, about all anyone could comment on was how odd Johnny Depp looked as Tonto. Well, some time has passed, and now Depp has explained he… read more

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It seems that the leaders of the Navajo Nation are on board with the idea of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the new Disney film, The Lone Ranger. While many have been questioning how wise it was to cast Depp as Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s Native American sidekick, it seems the Navajo are okay with… read more

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At long last a trailer has been released for Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows, and I think we may now know why they waited so long to release it. While the original Dark Shadows television series wasn’t exactly the height of high brow entertainment, playing a big budget film version of it totally for a… read more

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Have you ever had a mad desire to sit down and watch a complete DVD set? I do it quite often with short series, and sometimes I even do multiple seasons, but I can’t say that I’ve thought about tackling 1,225 episodes across 131 discs and 457 hours. With Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows filming starring… read more

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Remember how The Lone Ranger movie was canceled, and then it was back on?  Well, it missed the announced February 6 production start date, but as of February 13 things were in full swing. Not to miss a beat, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted the photo you see below of Arnie Hammer as the titular Lone Ranger… read more

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Due for release on May 11 of this year, the early promotional work for Dark Shadows has been nearly non-existent. Beyond a cast photo released a few months ago, there hasn’t been anything else in the realm of official promotion.  No posters, commercials or trailers, but at least we now have a few still images of scenes… read more

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It wasn’t a very happy year at the box office in 2011, and while the total for the year dropping was bad enough, some movies suffered more than others. While there are always certain to be films each year that don’t fare well at the box office, some did spectacularly bad this year. Even bankable… read more

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Apparently people who missed going to the theaters last weekend due to the weather made up for it this weekend by keeping last week’s top contender rolling in the catnip. Falling a mere 3.1% from last weekend, Puss in Boots brought in another $33 million. This is probably a little bit of an oddity due to… read more

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21 Jump Street was always an idiotic concept for a TV show, but the series lingers on people’s memories because it ended up launching the career of some unknown actor named Johnny Depp. Comedic actor Jonah Hill picked up the rights to the television series and while it wasn’t clear if he was going serious… read more

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An unseasonably early snow storm in the upper northeast put a damped on the box office this weekend, but that couldn’t keep the first spin off film from the Shrek series from scoring a nice chunk of change. Snow in the northeast kept the box office receipts a bit lower than expected this weekend, but… read more

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Disney has flipped the switch, and the Johnny Depp Lone Ranger film is back on for production. This past August Disney shut down production on the upcoming Lone Ranger film due to spiraling production costs that had the movie looking like it would cost between $250 and $275 million to produce.  The company approched director Gore… read more

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