Jon Spaihts

Yep, it’s time to reboot the Mummy series over at Universal … again. Apparently the new series of Mummy movies launched back in 1999 have run their course and it’s time for Universal Studios to once again launch the series with a fresh start. Makes total sense doesn’t it? Well, wait until you see who… read more

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If it was possible to prescribe ADHD medications to a movie, I would be obtaining them for Prometheus as soon as possible. I finally made my way to the movie theater to watch Prometheus, the quasi-prequel to Ridley Scott’s touchstone classic, Alien.  At long last fans of that film were going to get an answer to… read more

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Well the fifth Alien film, slated to be a prequel, just got a whole lot more interesting. When news of a fifth Alien film being made got announced back in May, I was not overly excited by the idea at all.  Well, it appears that 20th Century Fox and Scott Free, the production company of… read more

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