Jonah Hill

Once again the box office failed to live up to expectations this weekend, leading to what could be one of the worst Decembers in some time. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows opened to only about two-thirds of the original’s opening weekend two years ago.  It barely broke the $40 million dollar mark compared to… read more

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As weekends go, this one definitely did not set the box office ablaze, and when the the final numbers come in, it may rate as the worst since 2008.  All told, the top 12 films brought in an anemic $69.7 million. First up was the new ensemble romantic comedy New Year’s Eve that took the… read more

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21 Jump Street was always an idiotic concept for a TV show, but the series lingers on people’s memories because it ended up launching the career of some unknown actor named Johnny Depp. Comedic actor Jonah Hill picked up the rights to the television series and while it wasn’t clear if he was going serious… read more

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