As a professional blogger I am inundated with press releases every day.  Every morning when I wake up, my inbox is overflowing with them, and I have come to realize after looking at thousands of them that hardly any one knows how to write an effective one.  So, I am going to offer a couple helpful hints… read more

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I am not sure I have ever been as insulted as I was  last night. At 5:48 p.m. last night I received the following e-mail:  (emphasis theirs) Hi Sean, I am with [redacted site name].  I have a question regarding your [redacted article link] article.  I’m sure you get requests for this all the time, but… read more


Folks, please, just… stop. I have really tried refraining from even touching on the subject of Michael Jackson, but this has now reached absurd proportions.  I can understand fans being sad at his passing, but the idea that the website set up to award tickets to his memorial service (which the fact they are giving… read more

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Scattercast is 50… whoa. I can’t believe this is episode 50, and also technically my one year anniversary since I skipped two episodes due to voice problems. Since it is such a special occasion I decided to bring in… you guessed it… M. The ever mysterious female known simply as M to my readers and… read more

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It would seem Marvel Comics really doesn’t like you to talk about them… unless they tell you what to say. The Inquisitr and Newsarama are both talking about Marvel Comics seeming hatred of the comic industry press and Twitter.  While using Twitter comments (also known as “Tweets”) in reporting is considered lazy by some, I… read more

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It would seem that the Associated Press (AP) is insanely short sighted. At a meeting of the AP, which encompasses approximately 1500 member publications, AP Chairman Dean Singleton talked to the audience about the increasing evils of the Internet, and how their content was being abused by blogs and news aggregation sites. We can no… read more

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If you haven’t seen the Jim Cramer Vs Jon Stewart interview from The Daily Show, you need to. I am not a regular viewer of The Daily Show.  I have nothing against it, I enjoy it, I just don’t always have time for it.  I made sure I made time this past Thursday though when… read more

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Ina follow-up to my original post, Beijing has opened the Internet to journalists slightly more, but it still isn’t what they promised. While the International Olympic Committee has met with Beijing officials, they still have not gotten the unrestricted access to the Internet that journalists were promised.  According to the Telegraph, journalists are finding the… read more

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Danica Patrick won the Indy Racing League (IRL) Japan 300 race today, making her the first woman to win such a race. A major accomplishment to be sure, and she is to be congratulated, just as any racer should be. Unless you are Bob Margolis of Yahoo Sports, then it’s just time to show that… read more


The New York Times ran a piece this weekend entitled “In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop“, and considering the play it is getting in the blogosphere, it seems to have hit a chord. Basically the article talks about how bloggers are working in unsustainable circumstances, especially in the technology field,… read more


The SXSW conference, a music/movie/interactive conference held once a year in Austin, TX, is happening at the moment, and, as always, it’s filled with all sorts of Internet goodness. Most of it boring to the masses, exciting to the web 2.0 crowd. Normally a keynote address sets the tone of a conference, most of them… read more

This will be my final post on “GizmodoGate”, (yes, I made that the name… this was needing of a “Gate” <em>edit:I didn’t mean first anywhere… I figured SOMEONE had said it, I just hadn’t seen it, much to my surprise</em>) as it is obvious that they have their heads to far up their own hindquarters… read more

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