Justice League Part One

This is definitely not like any version of Commissioner Gordon that I ever remember. Commissioner Gordon has usually been an elderly gentleman, quite often in a trench coat, when he appears in Batman comics or movies. It has never been suggested he’s a man of action or someone who needs to be able to keep… read more


Gary Oldman has exited the role of Commissioner Gordon, but he has thoughts for J.K. Simmons as he takes on the role. The Christopher Nolan Batman movies aren’t part of the new DC Cinematic Universe, so any carryover characters are being recast, and this includes Jim Gordon, the police commissioner of Gotham City. Gary Oldman… read more

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The world of Batman in the new DC Cinematic Universe is filling out even more as the new Commissioner Gordon has been chosen. The Hollywood Reporter reported on Monday that J.K. Simmons has joined the cast of Justice League as Commissioner Gordon. Simmons is known for playing J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man films and… read more

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The DC Cinematic Universe is kicking into high gear in the biggest way possible come April 11. Batman v Superman will release at the end of March, and just as the press events for that wind down the Justice League will assemble to film its first movie on April 11. This will bring all of… read more

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Warner Brothers isn’t messing around any longer, and it’s time for it to stage a full-frontal assault on the Marvel movies. The slate of upcoming DC movies was announced through 2020 and answered a few questions everyone had. Apparently the only missing films are solo films for Batman and Superman, but they will be announced… read more

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