Kenneth Branagh

I’m not sure if Murder on the Orient Express is made to be a real movie or just a contest to see how many award winning actors you can get in one film. There’s no doubt that Agatha Christie’s story is a classic, but man does this feel like overkill slamming this many huge actors… read more

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Things are not off to a good start for the Thor sequel. According to Deadline, Patty Jenkins was set to direct the sequel to the original after Kenneth Branagh decided to pass on it.  Now, with a November 15, 2013 release date hanging in the air, Ms. Jenkins has left the production over reported “creative differences.”  (Hollywood-speak… read more

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Can the world handle another dosage of the God of Thunder? Well, it better get ready as Thor 2 has gotten a release date. While the first Thor film didn’t exactly burn up the box office compared to some of the other movies out there, that isn’t stopping Disney/Marvel from getting ready to release a… read more

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Is it possible that a comic book movie could be trying to stack the deck to win some Academy Awards? As more news about the upcoming Marvel Entertainment Thor movie comes out, one has to wonder what exactly is going on.  Starring in a comic book movie was once akin to an actor saying, “I… read more

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