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When news of a live-action Gundam film hit the wires on Thursday, my first reaction was, “finally.” Gundam has been around in numerous forms since the original series – Mobile Suit Gundam – premiered in 1979. It has gone on to spawn numerous animated series, animated movies, video games, manga, books, models, toys, and on… read more


He who controls the rights to Dune, controls… well… the rights to Dune. Legendary Pictures announced on Monday that it has acquired the film and television rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune series. It is not known how many of the novels it acquired, but the assumption would be the six original books and the subsequent… read more


It seems multiple film studios “wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.” Pokemon is 20 years in at this point, and while it may not be the merchandising beast it was in the 1990s, it is still raking in substantial money. Now it seems that multiple film studios have woken up all… read more

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Someone had to blink, and it was Legendary Pictures. World of Warcraft will no longer be hitting theaters on Dec. 18. 2015. Legendary Pictures has staked out Dec. 18, 2015 for its film adaptation of the Warcraft game, but then Disney and JJ Abrams came along and announced that was the day it had also… read more

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The Hot Wheels film has once again roared to life, with Legendary Pictures closing the deal on the rights. After a few failed attempts, it appears that the Hot Wheels film is once again in play with Legendary Pictures picking up the rights along with signing Simon Crane to direct and Paul Attanasio (Quiz Show,… read more


Jack the Giant Slayer is getting set to go down in the record books, but not for a reason a film ever wants associated with it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are facing a loss between $125 and $140 million on Jack the Giant Slayer. A month into its release… read more

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Yes folks, the Americans are once again going to attempt to make a Godzilla movie … that sound you just heard was me crying. In 1998, Godzilla was made by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, the “filmmakers” who also gave us Independence Day, and it was pretty much considered a complete disaster of a movie.… read more

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