Lego Movie 2

It was the quietest Presidents Day Weekend in 15 years, but someone had to win. First place went to Alita: Battle Angel with just $27.8M. Domestically it sits at $36.51M, and globally at $130.88M off of a $170M budget. LEGO Movie 2 took the second spot this weekend with $21.21M. It now sits at $62.69M… read more

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It may have won the weekend, but it seems the shine is off of LEGO a bit. LEGO Movie 2 took the top spot this weekend with $34.4M. While not a bad haul, it’s about half of what The LEGO Movie took in its opening weekend five years ago. Second place went to What Men… read more

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You may not want to line up for your Lego Movie 2 tickets quite yet. The release date for Lego Movie 2 has moved from May 18, 2018 to Feb. 8, 2019, meaning it will have been five years and a week since the release of the original. There’s no word as to why it received… read more

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