Isn’t that headline scary?  Yes, Pownce is shutting down… now, for the 99% of you who have no idea what/who Pownce is, I’ll fill you in. Kevin Rose, the man behind Digg, hinted for a while back in 2007 that he was working on a secret project, and on June 27, 2007, it was revealed… read more

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Could someone explain to me why the almighty Gmail does not have the ability to create folders?  Am I missing something?  Is there some trick I don’t know?  I am fully aware you can star mails, and you can search all of them, but I still would really like to sort them in to folders… read more

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Gee… it seems in the original sentencing, the judge specifically stated no house arrest for Ms. Hilton. And now, the judge is saying he never signed off on this release, and there is no documentation that this mysterious “medical condition” even exists. She has been sent back to the jail, sobbing and screaming… literally, and… read more

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As I reported yesterday, LiveJournal knee-jerked an caused a fair amount of ill-will. To their credit, they are now trying to fix it, but their latest update to the situation annoys me also. Here is the text of their latest update (emphasis theirs): Hello again. I want to update you on the status of correcting… read more

*takes a deep breath* I hate knee-jerk reactions. They never lead to anything but grief, and they never do anything but satisfy the whiner and the whinee. That being said, Six Apart, the owners of LiveJournal, did just that yesterday. They knee-jerked… they knee-jerked HARD. I have been following this story for about a full… read more


Thanks to an eagle eyed commenter on my LiveJournal entry for the Tom Cruise story, something was pointed out to me I had not caught on The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. I had not found the photo gallery of the positive aspects of the program, but the most amazing one has to be… read more

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