The Oscar nominations are upon us. Did they get it right? Did they get it wrong? Lets find out. It is all The Shape of Water. The critical hit scored the most nominations with 13. As much as I would like to fully analyze these nominations – and despite having seen a lot of films… read more

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Disney is the undisputed king of the box office. With $88.34M this weekend, Beauty and the Beast had a strong hold in its second weekend on the top spot with only a 49.4 percent drop. It now stands at $316.95M domestically and $690.25M globally off of a $160M budget. Power Rangers opened in second place on… read more

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Disney is the undisputed king of the box office. With $170M this weekend, Beauty and the Beast became the seventh biggest opening weekend in history, and the largest for March. (The previous was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with $166M.) Globally it already sits at $350M off of a $160M budget. Kong: Skull Island dipped… read more

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Kong is king… I’m not proud of that joke. Kong: Skull Island had a healthy debut with $61M domestic and $81.6M foreign for a global haul of $142.61M off of a $185M budget. Logan took a 57.2 percent dip in its second weekend to take in $37.85M. Domestically it sits at $152.65M and globally at… read more

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Wolverine is going out on a high note it seems. Logan took in an impressive $85.3M in its opening weekend, making it one of the highest grossing debuts for an R-rated feature. Get Out held on extremely well in its second weekend dropping only 21.8 percent to take in $26.11M. Its new domestic total sits… read more

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Logan is a bloated, gratuitous slog that is still entertaining, but overly long and downright pretentious at points. I figured I might as well give everyone one sentence to focus all their hate on as what I’m about to say isn’t going to be popular. I went into Logan with a lot of high hopes based… read more


Low-budget horror films are just endless money makers it would seem. With a budget of just $4.5M, Get Out took in a staggering $30.52M in its opening weekend. Even if you use the $20M for marketing formula it was an instant success. The LEGO Batman Movie came in second this weekend taking in $19M for… read more

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The second trailer for Logan confirms what we all suspected, but that’s fine with everyone. The latest – and last – trailer for Logan isn’t the gut punch the first one was, but it’s still darn good. It also confirms, as anyone with even a passing knowledge of X-Men history suspected: The little girl is… read more


The last Wolverine film, Logan, has received an official synopsis… that includes no surprises. Hugh Jackman tweeted out the first official synopsis of Logan on Friday. In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world… read more


We’ve taken a look at each of the films of the 1st quarter of 2017, but how is each month going to break down? Who will we be singing the praises of, and which films will be leading to studio executives packing up their offices? Lets take a look, but overall it is a rather… read more

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Welcome to the first of four parts of an analysis of every major film release of 2017. Following up on last year’s project, I’m back with a look at the films of 2017. And as usual, I will be breaking it down by quarters and then an overall review. The change this year, however, is… read more

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The Force is still strong with the Skywalker saga. The box office is winding down for 2016 and it’s time to start looking ahead to 2017 and what will be a hit. Fandango has released its annual list of the most anticipated films of the year, and while the top of the list isn’t much… read more

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