Lorenzo di Bonaventura

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is out promoting Pet Sematary, and in that process, his other upcoming projects are being asked about. ¬†Amongst those are The Meg 2, and McClane – probably the final Die Hard movie – but my interest is in G.I. Joe 3. Yes, I admit the first two weren’t great, but the second… read more


Transformers: Age of Extinction is not a reboot of the franchise. Can we please stop suggesting it is? For some very odd reason people keep speculating that the fourth Transformers film is a reboot of the series. Maybe it’s because Shia LaBeouf has (thankfully) left the series and we’re getting new human characters, but this… read more


According to at least one high placed source, the Dinobots are officially joining the fourth Transformers movie. We’ve already seen some information about the Dinobots showing up in Transformers 4, but now there is something a bit more concrete. Speaking with Beijing News, Transformers 4 producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura apparently just decided to let the… read more

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