Man of Steel 2

Once again it seems the DC Extended Universe is in flux as Man of Steel 2 is back on the drawing board. Zack Snyder had shot down discussions of Man of Steel 2 as he claimed that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the sequel to Man of Steel. Talk of another Superman solo… read more

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Zack Snyder is taking the view that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Man of Steel 2 since Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to be in a rush to make another one. Warner Bros. has been very quiet about stand-alone Superman films as of late. Apparently it is putting all of its eggs in the… read more

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Warner Brothers is apparently done just dabbling in doing films and is going to go full speed into a massive slate of films. Marvel keeps itself to two films a year, but it seems DC Comics and its parent company, Warner Brothers, has decided it needs to catch up and wants to release three films… read more

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