Man of Steel

Superman has found his Lois Lane as Amy Adams has been cast as the intrepid female reporter that has always been by his side. Back in Jan. Henry Cavill was cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman: Man of Steel film reboot.  While the casting of Superman is always a big deal because… read more

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Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman in the new film to be directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. Still simply known as Superman Reboot, the next film centering around the iconic comic book character of Superman has found its Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman.  Henry Cavill is probably best known for playing Charles Brandon… read more

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This could either be the coolest news ever, or the worst possible news … it just depends on how much you love slow motion. Zack Snyder – the director of 300, Watchmen and the upcoming Sucker Punch – has been tapped to direct the upcoming Superman film that is being watched over by Chris Nolan… read more

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The next Superman movie just got a hole lot more interesting with the announcement that it will be written by one of the men behind the current Batman films. According to Variety, David S. Goyer co-writer on The Dark Knight has signed on to script the next Superman film, currently titled, The Man of Steel.… read more

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At long last some official word has come out on the state of Batman 3, and as a bonus, also on a new Superman movie. Nikki Finke is reporting that Warner Brothers has asked Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to step into a “godfather” role in regards to what… read more

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