April 7 2007


Sir Alex Ferguson needs to be boiled in oil. Manchester United winning the cup this year seemed a certainty… until recently. Chelsea is on fire, and only 3 points back from the Red Devils. Why does it seem it ALWAYS comes down to Chelsea?!? I mean, seriously, we can NOT get away from them! We… read more

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February 4 2007

Odd Advertising

I’m watching Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and I noticed something that struck me as just randomly odd. Due to the lack of commercials in a half, whomever shows the game has to get creative, in this case, Fox Soccer Channel. There are no time outs in soccer, no natural breaks in a half, the… read more

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In an amazing announcement, David Beckham, the most recognized athlete in the world, has just signed a 5 year contract with the MLS team, L.A. Galaxy. Beckham is best known for his years with Manchester United, and in 2003 he was sold off to the Spanish team, Real Madrid. This is huge for the American… read more

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