Marvel Cinematic Universe

What once seemed like a risky gamble has paid off in a huge way for Marvel. No one was quite sure how Guardians of the Galaxy would perform as a movie seeing as it is an unknown property to most people outside of comic books. But a highly enjoyable script, some superb performances and some… read more

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Prepare thy self to watch a whole of super heroes coming your way in the next six years. With the announcement yesterday of all the DC movie plans, the film schedule between now and 2020 has become insane if you’re a comic book fan. I remember when getting a comic book movie every few years… read more

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Civil War appears to be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and no, I don’t mean the war between the North and the South. Robert Downey Jr. has been hinting recently he has a lot more to do with the MCU, and if the new rumor from Variety is to be believed, he wasn’t kidding.… read more

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