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Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb have signed on for Amazing Spider-Man 2 according to Deadline. While it isn’t a surprise they would return for the sequel, it is a bit shocking the deals weren’t already in place as Amazing Spider-Man 2 was announced in Aug. 2011, almost a year before the first one even… read more

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 will hit theaters on May 2, 2014. I’m sorry, but, what? The confusion here comes from the fact the first film, Amazing Spider-Man, doesn’t come out until July 3, 2012, so we now have a release date for a sequel to a film that hasn’t even been released yet.  “I think it… read more

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Financially, Thor had the third best start to a Marvel Comics movie franchise, but yet it was middle of the pack based on attendance. Thanks, 3D! According to Box Office Mojo, the $66 million that Thor brought in this weekend was the third best opening for the first film in a Marvel series, coming in… read more

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It seems that someone finally got around to telling the two biggest comic book companies, Marvel Entertainment and DC comics, that they were about to price themselves out of existence. The New York Comic Con is currently in progress, and both Marvel and DC have taken the opportunity to announce major changes to their book… read more

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Well, this really was only a matter of time when you think about it, but it looks like some sort of Marvel Comics theme park may be coming out of Disney, but it isn’t going to be where you’d expect it. According to a report from The Telegraph last week, Euro Disney has petitioned the… read more

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Runaways, the award winning comic series from Marvel Entertainment, looks to finally be going before the movie cameras this Jan. Of course, this movie has been in “development hell” since 2007, so there is still no guarantee it will really happen.  However, all that being said, as a recent convert to the series, I am really hopeful… read more

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The schedule for comic book movies for the next two years has been shuffled around so much that it has become impossible to know when each is coming out. As I’ve been writing about all the upcoming comic book movies lately, I’ve noticed that some have been dropped into the schedule unexpectedly (X-Men: First Class),… read more

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One of the biggest prospects people have mentioned as a good use for a device like the new Apple iPad has been the potential of comic books. Marvel Comics wasted no time with getting its application out there, and while it has potential, there are still some issues. The application is also available for the… read more

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One of the hottest roles in Hollywood as of late has been that of Captain America in the upcoming movie of the same name. He’s finally been cast, and the choice is … well, perhaps not wise. Chris Evans, best known for playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the two horrifically bad Fantastic Four movies released… read more

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The second Iron Man 2 trailer premiered tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and I have to say that with each additional frame of film from this movie, I’m getting more excited. I really enjoyed the first film, and while I have had some concerns over the number of characters in this second outing, it appears that Jon… read more

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The Walt Disney Company has agreed to purchase Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in cash and stock. Wow… just… wow.  This is huge news in the entertainment industry, and just business in general.  Here is the official announcement: August 31, 2009 DISNEY TO ACQUIRE MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT Burbank, CA and New York, NY, August 31, 2009… read more

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Marvel Comics has found their Thor! According to Nikki Finke, Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the God of Thunder in their upcomng Thor movie to be release May 20th, 2011.  If he looks familiar, it may be because he is currently playing George Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk, in the J.J. Abrams… read more

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