Melissa McCarthy

The Happytime Murders feels like what would happen if Meet the Feebles collided with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and that is just not a good thing. It is said that there are only seven stories in the world, and that’s fine, we’ve all accepted that. It’s how you tell them, how you dress them up,… read more

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At long last a third Ghostbusters film is becoming a reality as filming began in Boston on Thursday. It may not be the film we all clamored for for decades with the original crew, but a film that features funny stories of people fighting ghosts is now in full swing. Paul Fieg’s all-female Ghostbusters started… read more

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It appears the rumors are true, and the new Ghostbusters reboot will indeed star all women. Director Paul Feig tweeted out an image today showing four comedic actresses… and not saying a word. The Hollywood Reporter followed up with a story that all four women are indeed in negotiations and expected to sign, but it… read more

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Despite the winter storm, and this same basic story being turned in to a film about every ten years, Identity Thief stole the weekend. Much to everyone’s surprise, Identity Thief over performed by about one-third  at the box office this weekend to take in around $36.5 million. Considering it had a budget of $35 million,… read more

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September 18 2011

2011 Emmy Winner List

The 2011 Emmys have come to an end and it appears to be a lot of the same. Mad Men and Modern Family appear to continue to be the darlings of the Academy, and I guess it means it’s finally time for me to start watching them.  I’ll add them to the ever growing list… read more

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