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X-Men: Dark Phoenix became a lot more real on Wednesday as the cast, director and release date were announced. Deadline revealed that Simon Kinberg will be directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix which now has a release date of Nov. 2, 2018. Filming is expected to begin by the end of the month with a lot of… read more

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Teaser posters don’t usually get me all that excited, but I have to say the first ones for X-Men: Days of Future Past are definitely eye catching. With the time travel nature of the next X-Men film it will allow for older versions of Prof. Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) to… read more

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It appears that we can dread the coming of Prometheus 2 in either 2014 or 2015. It appears I was correct when I said in my Prometheus review: This resulted in filmgoers being shortchanged and getting what felt like half a story with a lot of padding to make it feel like a whole. According… read more

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If it was possible to prescribe ADHD medications to a movie, I would be obtaining them for Prometheus as soon as possible. I finally made my way to the movie theater to watch Prometheus, the quasi-prequel to Ridley Scott’s touchstone classic, Alien.  At long last fans of that film were going to get an answer to… read more

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The promotion for the upcoming Ridley Scott Alien prequel Prometheus has definitely taken to the viral side of things. Earlier this week fake promotional posters for Weyland Industries products hit various sites around the Internet.  We already saw the promotional video for David (Michael Fassbender), and now there is a poster to go along with… read more

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It seems that the trend of androids mucking up the Alien movie universe will continue in the upcoming Prometheus. Beginning with the original Alien film in 1979, human-like androids have played a major role in some way in each installment of the series.  (Ash in Alien, Bishop in Aliens and Alien 3 and Call in… read more

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X-Men: First Class is continuing to film, but the first batch of images from the movie are seemingly growing by the day. The other day I showed you some of the first images from the upcoming retooling of the X-Men film series, but now even more have shown up that give you some idea of… read more

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While I’ve given up pretty much all hope for X-Men: First Class to actually be true to the comics, I’ve decided to just enjoy the ride.  Thus far the only images to appear online have been unofficial photos taken at a great distance from the subject matter.  Yesterday an image appeared on MSN that was… read more

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