Despite facing some stiff competitors this weekend, The Hunger Games remained in the top spot. With another $33.5 million, The Hunger Games won its third consecutive weekend at the box office and it saw it surpass $300 million in domestic box office.  With its international take, the film now has a worldwide gross of $459.9… read more

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Raise your hand if you’re shocked that The Hunger Games won its second weekend at the box office. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Despite slipping 59.9% from its opening weekend, The Hunger Games still took in a large haul at the box office with $61.1 million.  This ranks as the seventh best second weekend for… read more

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The only thing shocking about this weekend at the box office was that the early estimates were low. To no one’s surprise, The Hunger Games took the top spot at the box office.  After it’s success on Friday we all know it was coming, it was just a question of what the final number would… read more

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