Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

New Year’s weekend seems to have given the box office a much needed booster shot in the arm when it comes to box office totals. In an unsuaul turn of events, the vast majority of movies saw larger box office results this weekend over the previous one.  Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol ticked up by 5.9 percent… read more

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It appears that moviegoers were quite anxious to get out to the theaters as the four day numbers saw some films shift position and others jump a significant amount. Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol saw a huge Monday, bringing its weekend total for the four days from the $26.5 million we saw to a whopping $46.2… read more

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The holiday weekend wasn’t good to the box office, but that seems to go with the flow for this year for movies. Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol finally hit wide release this weekend, and brought in a healthy $26.5 million, but more than likely was a lower number than the studio was looking for.  It’s domestic… read more

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Once again the box office failed to live up to expectations this weekend, leading to what could be one of the worst Decembers in some time. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows opened to only about two-thirds of the original’s opening weekend two years ago.  It barely broke the $40 million dollar mark compared to… read more

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As weekends go, this one definitely did not set the box office ablaze, and when the the final numbers come in, it may rate as the worst since 2008.  All told, the top 12 films brought in an anemic $69.7 million. First up was the new ensemble romantic comedy New Year’s Eve that took the… read more

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