It’s beginning to seem like the time around the holidays is also when we find out what shows on Broadway just aren’t cutting it. Last Dec. I reported on a bunch of shows closing on Broadway (which probably ended up being one of my most controversial posts ever and led to a week long verbal fight with… read more

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It appears things are still rough for some of the shows on the Great White Way. Last Jan. I wrote up how nine Broadway shows were going dark, well come this Jan., at least three more will join them as well as gossip of as many as six more.  The three confirmed shows are: Superior… read more

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There are a few less lights on Broadway this week. In the fallout of the current economic crisis in the United States, nine Broadway musicals let their stages go dark with their performances yesterday.  To be fair, two of them were limited engagements (Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and a Liza Minnelli show), but that still… read more

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April 21 2007

Aw hell no

Spider-Man the Broadway musical… with music from Bono and The Edge of U2. This is all sorts of wrong, not only for this character, but Broadway in general. Whatever happened to musicals written just for the stage and not based on a movie? The Lion King… The Color Purple… The Wedding Singer… all musicals now,… read more

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