A 14-year-old New Jersey girl is facing up to 17 years in prison for posting nude photos of herself to MySpace. According to a report from the Associated Press, a 14-year old girl posted 30 “explicit nude” photos of herself to her MySpace account for her boyfriend to see.  It is unclear how the Clifton,… read more

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Well, I can dovetail from one of my paid pieces today in to my own blog with this story. MySpace has booted 29,000 registered sex offenders off their site, this accounts for approx .o16% of the 180,000,000 million registered accounts with the social networking giant. Well… that’s still too many for Connecticut Attorney General Richard… read more

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Interesting article today via the AP about MySpace has been hit with multiple lawsuits from families that had children victimized by sexual predators they met on the website. The families are suing for millions of dollars with a noble cause behind them: “Hopefully these lawsuits can spur MySpace into action and prevent this from happening… read more

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