The Transformers Dark of the Moon sub-team of the Wreckers have finally been shown off in their robot modes. Ever since the third Transformers movie was spotted filming in Chicago last July, there has been a lot of speculation about the three NASCAR vehicles.  Beyond the odd choice for their alt forms – the fan… read more

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The final trailer for Transformers Dark of the Moon has been released in lead up to its film’s July 1st release date. Although the first two films were painful, and the third may be even more so due to being in 3D, it almost feels like a job now to finish this mess off.  While… read more

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Lets get it out of the way right now … Transformers 3 will suck.  I have no delusions, I have not been swayed, I know the “plot” will be some loose collection of events strung together that supposedly will resemble a story, but it’ll be eye candy for sure. All that being said … OPTIMUS… read more

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The Indianapolis 500 normally holds no interest for me, but I admit that the idea of Danica Patrick intrigued me. She is not the first woman to run the race, but she seemed to have a real shot at winning this race, so it got my attention. Then came the disgusting comments of some of… read more

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