If everything goes according to the most recent plans, Arrested Development won’t feel like it’s missed a moment since its cancellation. Series writer Dean Lorey took to his blog this weekend with some very welcome news about the return of Arrested Development: We’re really doing this thing. Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off… read more

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Apparently the rumors were true and Arrested Development really is coming back to TV … via Netflix. Last month it was rumored that new Arrested Development episodes were coming, but after so many false starts on the movie, it was hard to put in faith in this report.  Luckily I was very, very wrong this time.… read more

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It seems there is a chance that not only is an Arrested Development movie really happening, but there may also be a limited season of new episodes. That girlish shriek you may have heard this evening was me … Series creator Mitch Hurtwitz was speaking at The New Yorker Festival on a panel that reunited the entire main… read more

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BBC America has once again shown that it has obviously completely abandoned its original mission statement of bringing British television to American shores. Just last month I wrote about how BBC America has forgotten its roots, enough so that I was even prompted to write to the network to express my dismay at its changing… read more

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In the modern age of streaming video, can we now please get rid of trailers on DVDs before the film so I don’t completely ditch the format? While siting down to watch a DVD last night, I was rather annoyed by the concept of having to skip through some trailers.  While not anywhere close to… read more

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If you have not joined the world of Joss Whedon yet, and you have a Netflix account … rejoice! Netflix today added what boils down to the entire Joss Whedon TV catalog to its Watch Instantly service.  This selection includes: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer seasons 1 – 7 Angel seasons 1 – 5 Firefly season… read more

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Am I missing something in this Netflix deal with Warner Brothers, or am I the calm one for once? Netflix has struck a deal with Warner Home Video to delay renting the studios latest releases for 28 days after initial release.  This is due to the fact that DVD sales fell 13% in 2008 while… read more

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Scattercast is 32 and wishing its feet didn’t hurt. – Blisters suck. – More thoughts on the whole Samuel L. Jackson thing. – Michael Cera finally joins the Arrested Development movie… ingrate. – Netflix may soon offer streaming-only subscriptions. – Why aren’t there more movies like Slumdog Millionaire, and why is Hollywood remaking things like… read more

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It’s episode 29… Scattercast refuses to turn 30! YAY! Technology! … and raccoons – Sean does battle with… a raccoon? – Car update! – There are a LOT of people watching Netflix, on their XBoxes – Digital TV transition date is moved – Google Latitude is kinda creepy – Windows 7 is set to confuse… read more

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Netflix added the ability to stream movies some time ago, and after taking the plunge to try it out, I have to say I’m sold on the concept. At first I was hesitant to give it a try because you could only do it on your computer, and I didn’t feel like going through the… read more

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With another year under their belt, why does Blu-ray still seem to be another “also ran” in the home media market? It was one year ago today that I announced that I had decided to go with HD-DVD, and I knew full well that probably meant I had picked the wrong format in the high… read more

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