It appears I should have waited until NBC was totally done with the Olympics before I ranted as it found ways to make things even worse. As the final day in London wound down, I opted to watch a good chunk of the closing ceremonies on the live stream.  It was a bit odd, but… read more

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The London 2012 Olympics come to a close this evening, and all I will really walk away from the games this year is the dread of NBC continuing to cover this event. At the close of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I went on at length about my dislike for NBC and the way it covers… read more

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Hello … my name is Sean, and … and I’m a curling addict. I’m not sure when it happened … or even how it happened.  I think it was the 2002 Winter Olympics, and I just remember being instantly hooked on this odd looking sport known as “curling.”  I mean, you won’t ever hear me… read more

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I know I said the other day I had Final Thoughts On The Olympics, but then you run in to a story you missed that is just jaw dropping. A Cuban Olympian, Angel Valodia Matos, was participating in the Olympic taekwondo men’s +80-kg tournament for the Bronze medal.  He was leading 3 – 2 when… read more

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The Olympics are finally over, and I have a few parting thoughts on the whole thing.  (I know you’re all shocked by this. NBC NBC, the broadcaster of the games here in the United States has nothing to be proud of.  Yes, they had a record number of viewers, but the way this was handled… read more

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Welcome back for the sixth episode of Scattercast! Just one subject this week, and it’s all about where I get inspiration. I ramble a bit, but it stays mainly on the focus of how I get inspired to write so many blog posts a week. Here, StarterTech or Mashable, all of those stories have to… read more

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Found a great article on Mental_Floss yesterday that talked about twelve sports that used to be Olympic sports, but have been removed over the years for various reasons. As we’ve been watching the summer Olympics this year, my family and I have been commenting on some of the sports that are seemingly missing from the… read more


Welcome back for the fifth episode of Scattercast! A little bit of everything this week, folks! The United States is falling behind in Internet speeds still, and it angers me. Some more rambling about the summer Olympics and the last segment deals with my thoughts on this year’s upcoming iPods. A true Scattercast! For those… read more

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Everyone seems to be in a tizzy over the fact that the voice we heard come out of 7-year-old Lin Miaoke during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was actually that of Yang Peiyi, another 7-year-old. Um… hello?  It’s China. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the video of the offending song,… read more

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Could someone please explain the uniforms of beach volleyball to me? As I was doing my work on Saturday, I had the Olympics playing as my background noise as opposed to my usual cartoons.  As I was watching Womens US Beach Volleyball duo Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh go on to their 102nd straight win,… read more

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Life Sports

August 9 2008

Olympic Unity

Why does it take a sporting event such as the Olympics to make the people of the world get along? I am not speaking to the fact that the games are in China, not the controversy this fact has bred, but I am speaking to the basic Olympic values and principles.  While watching the opening… read more

Ina follow-up to my original post, Beijing has opened the Internet to journalists slightly more, but it still isn’t what they promised. While the International Olympic Committee has met with Beijing officials, they still have not gotten the unrestricted access to the Internet that journalists were promised.  According to the Telegraph, journalists are finding the… read more

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