One For the Money

It’s that time of year where we see which films were the biggest box office flops of 2012. 2012 has come to a close, so now we can see what films were sure to have gotten at lease a few executives yelled at. A few notes on the table, the vast majority of those listed… read more

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It seems that moviegoers were very much in the mood for some fresh films this weekend. The new Liam Neeson film that shows him fighting wolves in the wilderness, The Grey,  brought in an estimated $20 million this weekend.  It’s behind some other recent films from the actor, but not a horrible showing. Underworld Awakening… read more

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It seems there is still some life in the Underworld series as the fourth film took the number one spot at the box office this weekend. Underworld Awakening brought in $25.4 million this weekend to win the top spot.  The last installment of the series to star Kate Beckinsale was Underworld: Evolution which opened to… read more

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