It would seem Marvel Comics really doesn’t like you to talk about them… unless they tell you what to say. The Inquisitr and Newsarama are both talking about Marvel Comics seeming hatred of the comic industry press and Twitter.  While using Twitter comments (also known as “Tweets”) in reporting is considered lazy by some, I… read more

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The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls is suffering its second sex scandal in under two years. According to the New York Daily News, reports have come out of the Afrikaans on Sunday newspaper that seven students have been suspended from Oprah’s school for sexually harassing other students.  One 15-year-old girl was accused of… read more

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It’s episode 26… and Scattercast is feeling sassy! This week’s episode features the return of… M, my partner in crime for The Dark Knight review back in episode 2. We only have one subject this week for the entire 50 minutes, and that is the world of Oprah Winfrey. Her book club, her school in… read more

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Poor, Oprah. She just can’t pick a book, can she? Remember when Oprah got duped by James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces?  She was steadfastly behind this book about a man’s trials with drug addiction, even making it one of her precious “Oprah’s Book Club” choices.  Then it came to light that he… read more

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I think I figured out why I am having trouble getting in to the spirit of Christmas… I lack an Oprah snow globe. The Chicago Tribune brought the ultimate Oprah collectible to light last week with an entire aticle centered around the wonders of the Oprah snow globe.  It seems that you have to go… read more

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Before I even begin this, let me stress that my dislike of Oprah Winfrey has nothing to do with her being African-American.  I bring this up because the last time I made an off-hand comment about Star Jones, I had to spend the next day explaining how my dislike had nothing to do with her… read more


I forget sometimes that this is the WORLD Wide Web, and Roy reminded me of this when he commented on my last entry about Rachael Ray. I have several international visitors, and I guess I could finally explain who this woman is that I despise so much. You can read her history at Wiki, of… read more

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I am coming to the conclusion that I am not a “people person”. Funny since I work in retail, but it’s true. A great many people in the world annoy me. My latest annoyance? Billy Mays. He’s been on late night TV for what seems like forever now. Shilling whatever new “miracle” cleaning product is… read more

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