Patrick Swayze

Are you ready for the adrenaline surging action that will come with a remake of 1991’s Point Break? Yeah, neither am I. Apparently Hollywood studios have decided it is time to work their way through the entire Patrick Swayze catalog of films as we’ve already been cursed with word of a Dirty Dancing remake.  This… read more

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It was only a matter of time before Hollywood went to this property to give it the remake treatment. Lock up your daughters, folks! The classic story of an adult man having sex with an underage girl is back!  Lionsgate has announced its intent to remake Dirty Dancing. No word on who will star in… read more

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While I am known for being harsh in movie reviews, one movie I have heaped endless hate on over the years is Dirty Dancing. Most bad movies are quickly forgotten.  You see them, you say, “Wow, what a trainwreck” and move along.  However, Dirty Dancing is one that has stuck in my mind for years… read more

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