Scattercast is 35 and in full-blown mid-life crisis. – PETA is drinking the crazy juice again. This time? They want George Clooney’s sweat to make CloFu… tofu infused with his sweat. No… I am not kidding. – Somehow I find a way to connect Natsha Richardson’s death with the New Jersey ban on Brazilian waxing.… read more

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It’s episode 28… Scattercast refuses to drink the crazy juice! It doesn’t give in to peer pressure! This week is a collection of random craziness… my favorite kind of episode! – What do you think about me adding intro music? – What a week I’ve had. Yeesh. – 24 really went over the edge of… read more

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PETA has pulled yet another bone headed move. According to, around 1 AM Paris time on November 15th, Lindsay Lohan was entering a nightclub in Paris when a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) threw a bag of flour at the actress.  As the activist did this, she was also… read more

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to see Ben & Jerry’s replace cow milk with human breast milk in their products. According to a story on NBC 5 WPTZ’s website, PETA sent a letter to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream after they heard of a restaurant in Switzerland that… read more

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