Scattercast is 45… and it’s turning in to an old yelling guy. – Okay, so I work too much, I admit it. Oh well. – Walmart is changing their stores, and it may end up damaging one industry quite a bit. How did we let one retailer have this much power? – The new Buffy… read more

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It’s episode 24… Scattercast is thinking it is time to settle down! – Happy New Year… I don’t get the excitement. – My resolutions for 2009, what are yours? – Bloggin’ ain’t easy. (with a whole lot of annoying history about myself) – I encourage you to check out the redesigned StarterTech! Here’s a link… read more

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It’s episode 10… and it’s a bit ranty… On deck this week: – More Microsoft ranting about their ad campaign and how they don’t know what they’re doing from their ivory tower. – Financial woes of the world and how I think they came about and how they will end up impacting everyone in a… read more

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So, I’m prepping to start doing podcasts, and I think I have most of the kinks worked out, but I am still lacking a name! Part of the problem is that the content will wander just like the blog does.  This week is about introducing the podcast with some random movie thoughts.  Next week is… read more