20th Century Fox is in the midst of doing some significant schedule shifting due to an injured actor. Dylan O’Brien was injured on the set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure back in April, and while it was supposed to shut down production for only a few weeks, his injuries were worse than first… read more

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All I can say is that this at least looks better than the two Aliens Vs. Predator movies … course, that isn’t saying much. The Predator franchise had two good movies (throw rocks if you must, but I did actually enjoy the second film), then it hit the skids with two just absolutely awful Aliens Vs. Predator… read more

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Interesting article today via the AP about MySpace has been hit with multiple lawsuits from families that had children victimized by sexual predators they met on the website. The families are suing for millions of dollars with a noble cause behind them: “Hopefully these lawsuits can spur MySpace into action and prevent this from happening… read more

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