Prometheus 2

It seems that the title of the second Prometheus film has had yet another name change. We’ve moved from Prometheus 2 to Alien: Paradise Lost, and now it seems a third name is in play. Speaking at the recent AFI Film Festival, Ridley Scott casually dropped another title in an interview. I was going to… read more

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If you thought one Prometheus sequel was going to be enough to explain everything, boy were you wrong! Remember how were left feeling like you only got half the story with Prometheus? Well, it seems you only got one-third to one-fourth of the story in reality. Speaking with German film site FilmFutter, Ridley Scott revealed… read more


Get ready, it looks like we’re about to go back into the painful world of Prometheus. Prometheus hit theaters in 2012 and it was… not good. As I described in some detail at the time, the Alien prequel from Ridley Scott was so riddled with plot holes it was laughable. Despite non-boffo box office results… read more

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Noomi Rapace has started talking about her excitement for Prometheus 2. Well, that’s nice someone is excited for the project. This past summer saw the release of Prometheus, a prequel to the entire Alien series of films. While it was set up to give numerous answers, it ended up being a frustrating mess of a… read more

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It appears that we can dread the coming of Prometheus 2 in either 2014 or 2015. It appears I was correct when I said in my Prometheus review: This resulted in filmgoers being shortchanged and getting what felt like half a story with a lot of padding to make it feel like a whole. According… read more

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