There’s a motto I live by when I travel: Why should I eat at any restaurant I find in my own home town? It seems pointless to me. On my first trip to Japan in August 2000, one of the guys I met up with there ate Wendy’s almost every night we were there. It… read more

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General Rants

December 14 2006


Not only did the nutjob celebrated chef, Rachael Ray, get her craptastic Yum-o food on the latest space shuttle mission, she’s now in the frakkin’ Oxford American College Dictionary! Yes folks, you can now look up: EVOO: abbr. extra-virgin olive oil Excuse me? How…HOW does this rate being in the dictionary? A catchphrase said by… read more


Rachael Ray prepares to cast her dark magic spell over a broader audience Satan’s evil servant Rachael Ray met with TV critics about her upcoming syndicated talk show. She plans on having a more open set and having people play foosball and cook with her. To quote her directly: “I want to laugh and eat… read more


April 25 2005

The Apocalypse Has Come

A little while ago I complained about the evil known as Rachel Ray on The Food Network. Now even the magazine section of your local store won’t be safe from her! Hide your children…seek shelter! “Fans of Rachael Ray, take heart. If watching her 27 times a week on one of her three Food Network… read more