Ready Player One

Dwayne Johnson once again proves he’s a winner at the box office with his new monster film, Rampage. Rampage didn’t look to be the clear winner when the weekend began, but thanks to word-of-mouth it took off on Saturday. It took in $34.5M domestically and a further $114.1M foreign. It now stands at $148.6M globally… read more

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Low budget horror seems to be a formula for box office success, especially when its well reviewed. First place went to A Quiet Place with an extremely healthy $50M off of a $17M budget. With the reviews it’s been hitting it seems like it will continue to perform well. Ready Player One took in $25.06M… read more

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The nostalgia fest masquerading as a movie won the top spot at the box office. Ready Player One took in $41.21M at the U.S. box office and a further $128M foreign for an opening weekend of $181.21M. Second place went to Acrimony with $17.1M. Black Panther landed in third place with $11.26M for a new… read more

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The U.S. didn’t seem to care that much about returning to the Pacific Rim, but the rest of the world sure did. Pacific Rim Uprising opened with a pretty modest $28M this weekend to take the top spot at the box office this weekend. Not a problem, however, despite the $150M budget as the film… read more

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We’ve taken a look at each of the films of the 1st quarter of 2018, but how is each month going to break down? Who will we be singing the praises of, and which films will be leading to studio executives packing up their offices? Lets take a look, but overall it is a rather… read more

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Welcome to the first of four parts of an analysis of every major film release of 2018. Following up on last year’s project, I’m back with a look at the films of 2018. And as usual, I will be breaking it down by quarters and then an overall review. I prefer the new method of… read more

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