Real Steel

With absolutely no new ideas coming out of the Hollywood Studios, it was only a matter of time until someone got around to remaking the 1966 Sci-Fi schlock classic, Fantastic Voyage. Apparently James Cameron is picking up where Roland Emmerich left off with a failed attempt at remaking Fantastic Voyage.  Currently in development, Cameron doesn’t plan to… read more

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Apparently the movie going audience hasn’t yet tired of the “found footage” horror film genre as the third film in the Paranormal Activity series set records for an October opening. Paranormal Activity 3 scared up $54 million in its opening weekend to set a record for the biggest opening ever for October and the largest… read more

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Dancing and aliens couldn’t knock down the boxing robots. Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, kept its top spot at the box office, although just barely. Falling a respectable 40.3% to earn $16.3 million bringing its domestic box office total to $51.7 million. Coming in second was the remake of Footloose with $16.1 million. There is… read more

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Apparently this weekend was a time for folks to head to the theater and watch robots fighting it out with one another. Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, made it to the top of the box office over the weekend with an estimated $27.3 million.  A healthy showing for a fall debut, and exit polling was… read more

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It took a dolphin to knock the lion out of the top box office spot. Dolphin Tale took the top spot at the box office this weekend, leading a pack of non-new releases from cracking into the top three. The movie based on a real life “tail” (ha! See what I did there?!?) dropped 25.6%… read more

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