It’s that time of year where we see which films were the biggest box office flops of 2013. 2013 has come to a close, so now we can see what films were sure to have gotten at lease a few executives yelled at. A few notes on the table, the vast majority of those listed… read more

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Once again a tentpole film has underperformed, but still managed to make its way to the top of the box office. Estimates for how The Wolverine would perform this weekend kept sliding through out the three days, finally landing with $55 million, almost perfectly in line with how X-Men First Class performed, but well under… read more

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Low budget horror films continue to be a proven winner at the box office, even in the summer. Coming in first this week was The Conjuring with $41.5 million off of a $20 million dollar budget. It’s also getting some of the best reviews fora horror film in ages, so expect it to continue to… read more

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Apparently there are enough minions to take down giant robots at the box office. Despicable Me 2 ended up taking the top spot at the box office again this weekend despite fighting two big new titles. The animated comedy took in $44.7 million this weekend, representing a very respectable drop of just 46.4 percent from… read more

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