Red Dawn

It seems that fans haven’t gotten enough of Twilight quite yet. Despite a drop off of 69.5 percent, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 took in a further $43 million, bringing its domesting total to $226.9 million off of a $120 million budget. With the $350 million it’s taken in overseas, it’s sure someone is trying… read more

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The best part of this week’s box office report? I will never again have to write about the premiere weekend of a Twilight movie. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 brought in $141.3 million in its opening weekend, about $3 million more than Part 1. It also took in $199.6 million in the foreign markets for… read more

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The remake of Red Dawn has finally received a trailer and a release date of Nov. 21. Filming on a remake of the 1984 film Red Dawn began in 2009, but thanks to a bankruptcy at MGM, it ended up sitting on a shelf for some time.  Then at that came to a close, it… read more

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