ron perlman

Hellboy III may never happen, but that hasn’t stopped series star Ron Perlman from discussing the conclusion of the trilogy. The only reason that Hellboy II: The Golden Army got made was due to the success of the first film on home video. By the time the second film came out, however, the home video… read more

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Ron Perlman may be trying to give Johnny Depp a run for his money on the “nicest guy in Hollywood” title. Spectral Motion, the effects house behind the look of Ron Perlman as Hellboy, received a Make-A-Wish foundation for a young boy named Zachary.  He wanted to meet and become Hellboy, the star of two… read more


It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time where a movie based on a comic book being released was like some sort of weird dream.  It was rare, and it was even rarer that they were actually good.  Luckily all of that has changed over the years, and the rule of… read more

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